Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton were engaged in talks one day in Iraq.

Bill noticed that Saddam had 3 buttons on the arm of his soft leather chair. 

As the talks progressed, Saddam pressed button 1 and a boxing glove came out from the table and punched Bill in the nose. 

Saddam roared with laughter. An hour later Saddam pressed the 2nd button. This time, a steel-capped boot came out from under the table and kicked Clinton in the shin.

Bill was highly unamused as Saddam fell about in hysterics. 

The talks resumed for another hour until Saddam pressed the 3rd button. Suddenly, another boot came out from under the table, this time kicking Clinton in the balls. 

Saddam fell out of his chair and rolled around the floor in laughter. 

Clinton had enough and walked out saying that they would resume the talks in 2 weeks.

2 weeks passed and Saddam flew to Washington to resume talks. When he arrived, he noticed that Clinton had 3 buttons on the arm of his chair. 

The talks progressed, when suddenly Bill pressed the 1st button. Saddam, expecting a glove, ducked for cover but nothing happened. 

Clinton roared with laughter as Saddam composed himself. 

As the talks went on, Bill pressed his 2nd button. Saddam lifted his legs out of the way, but still nothing was happening! Again, Clinton roared with laughter. 

About 2 hours later, Clinton pressed his 3rd button, and Saddam expecting a kick in the balls jumped from his chair. 

Again, nothing had happened and Bill fell out of his chair and rolled about on the ground laughing.

Feeling like a fool, Saddam said ‘ I’ve had enough of this childish nonsense. I’m going home to Baghdad’. 

‘Baghdad?’ laughed Clinton ‘What Baghdad?’.